5 Steps to Ensure Hearing Aid Success

Acceptance of the hearing loss.

Recognize your hearing loss is making communication difficult. Effort and a positive attitude are critical to improving hearing. Much of your success with hearing aids will depend on your desire to learn and your determination to increase your ability to hear. To achieve better hearing, you must work at it daily.

Be Realistic.

Hearing loss develops gradually. Most individuals with hearing loss get used to not hearing softer sounds. Hearing aids bring softer sounds back and it takes time for the brain to adjust and re-learn how to tune some sounds out.

road to success

Be Patient with yourself and your new technology.

Hearing aids help to enhance the hearing you have. They do not restore that “normal” hearing that you once had. Your audiologist is your advocate. Make sure you are scheduled for follow-up appointments the first month you receive your devices. Take notes and ask questions to maximize the use of your hearing aids. This will help with the fine-tuning adjustments your audiologist will make. 

It takes practice.

Practice and patience are key to getting comfortable with hearing aids. Wear your hearing aids every day. Start wearing them at home or in quiet environments. Practice having a conversation with your spouse or loved one. Read out loud for 10 to 15 minutes your first week. Talk to your audiologist about activities and exercises specifically geared to help with hearing training. Just like personal training strengthens your body, keeping your ears fit involves more than just putting hearing aids in your ears. 

Attend all of your follow-up appointments.

Patients should follow-up every 3 to 6 months to check for wax. Make sure you get the follow-up service and care you need and deserve. 

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