Hearing Aid Upgrade

When to Purchase New Hearing Devices

Hearing aids are sophisticated devices that receive daily use in harsh environments, where they are subject to moisture, heat, dirt and earwax. Even though they are built to precise standards, at some point they will need to be replaced. Figuring out when is the key to uninterrupted communication.

Over time, mechanical problems can develop, or the technology may simply become obsolete.

You Should Consider New Hearing Devices When:

  • They are more than four to five years old.

  • There is visible physical damage to the aids.

  • They don’t work as efficiently as before.

  • They have already been repaired at least once after the warranty expires.

  • Your hearing loss worsens, and your current hearing aids aren’t powerful enough to compensate for your impairment.

  • Newer, better technology that will benefit your specific hearing needs or lifestyle has become available.

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Updated Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology is rapidly advancing. Today’s products offer a unique and personalized experience to suit your lifestyle.

Improve your listening with New Technology

Today’s hearing aids are smaller and more feature-packed than their predecessors, offering an array of options. Current hearing aid algorithms are designed to detect and amplify speech while reducing annoying background noise. This will enhance speech understanding, especially in difficult listening circumstances.

Many devices have the ability to determine aspects of your environment and automatically adapt the hearing aid settings for an easier and more comfortable listening experience. For example, in an outdoor setting, wind noise reduction will help eliminate the muffled sound of wind amplified through a microphone.

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Get Wireless Features in a New Hearing Aid

Bluetooth® is the most common wireless technology that allows devices to communicate with one another. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids let users stream signals from other electronic devices directly to their aids, improving their versatility and convenience.

You can make phone calls, listen to music and watch television with direct audio streaming to your hearing aids.

Stop Buying Batteries with a Rechargeable Device

Many new hearing aids offer a rechargeable option. They can eliminate the hassle of having to keep batteries on hand at all times. Your charging case serves as the devices’ overnight home for safe and dry storage. Rechargeable hearing aids can be useful for people who have dexterity of memory problems.

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