Insurance Information

One of the most common questions that we’re asked is, “Does my insurance cover me for hearing care/hearing aids?”

With many of the larger local retail stores not allowing you to utilize your insurance benefits, this is becoming increasingly important to patients throughout our community.

It’s no surprise that there’s confusion.

With so many different providers, different packages, and different levels of coverage, many of the patients that we speak to are unsure of what they’re covered for, if anything.

The good news is that we partner with nearly every key insurance provider to help our patients to maximize their insurance benefits.

If you’re unsure to what you’re covered for, then we would be delighted to help!

Simply complete the form on this page and our “Insurance Specialists” will contact your insurance company on your behalf, ask the right questions, and discover exactly what you’re entitled to.

We’ll then contact you to share the news and invite you for an appointment to discuss how you can maximize your benefits.

are you covered

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